Worlds Beyond

Early Steps
Session 3


Strange Days
Session 2

in the Agora on the Stair, after the events of The Gathering Storm. Lasar, Tashir, Darkaela and Kelly had spent the night in a hostel in the Agora (characterized by cloth walls and no doors). Over a light fast break, they discussed plans. Much talk trying to make heads and tails of the prior day’s mad events.

At some point, Kelly’s danger sense kicks in and she catches a shadow outside their “cafe” – which turns out to be a shadow worg. The same creatures that stalked her and Darkaela on her home world. From there, it quickly progresses to a fight. The party triumphs, but doesn’t feel particularly safe.

In the end, they decide the best thing is to head off to explore some Doors and worlds and figure their way around.

They headed off from the Agora, made note of their location, and then basically opened a Door and walked through.

In a beer cellar to a tavern in a Keep on some very dangerous Borderlands. They met the Castellan – because there was no record of a Dark Elf passing through the gates. That led to a small forced expedition out to the “Caves of Chaos” – in part to “help” find a missing patrol.

At the caves, the group made their way to a particularly high, back cave. At the mouth of it, they wound up charged by a minotaur. Kelly took the brunt of the attack and received a full axe-loaded charge from the beast. She got knocked back – thrown really – a good distance, and busted up bad. sliced, and landed with a legs at a weird angle. Lasar went to help her (healing crystal), and Darkaela and Tashir take on the Minotaur. The combat goes a round or so, and then Tashir, who’s ranked basically says “Enough of this!” partially transforms to his Dragon form and tail slams the minotaur into the rock face before torching him.

The group then investigated the cave and the tunnels and caverns beyond. For a good number of minutes, the clear lack of any door / Door really started to bring home the idea that they better be careful. The caverns eventually shifted into some kind of dark-stone dungeon. The group just discovered what appears to be a Drow slaving operation, and paused to plan their contact.

Norm attended, but just observed.

Worlds Beyond / A Gathering Storm
Session 1

Campaign kickoff.


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