Worlds Beyond – a Lords of Gossamer & Shadow campaign

Your PC can be from pretty nearly anywhere or when. Any kind of fantasy world, any career. At some point right before the game or during the game, your character learned something quite extremely rare: that your world was one of an infinite number of alternate worlds.

And they all have Doors which open to the Grand Stair.

How you learned this varies from character to character. Perhaps you were a powerful sorcerer or psychic. Perhaps it’s a family gift. Perhaps blind fate, or even … the Stair chose you.

Regardless, somehow, you gained a Key or the Way to open a Door and step through … and changed forever.

Making a Character

Character will be made at the start, and quickly, and as needed to accommodate new players and guests. Please come with an idea or two, an image if you can of a character, world or both (or none), and be ready to create an interesting fictional character for yourself.

The Game

Conflicts will be personal (about your characters and their schemes and the world around them), with exploration of worlds and magic.

Worlds Beyond

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